B-plan competition consists of two rounds.The first round of B-plan competition will test the participants on their entrepreneurship spirit, idea & originality of their startup. In the second round, 4 teams will be selected, who will be presenting their detailed business plan solutions followed by Q&A in front of the esteemed jury at the IIM Trichy Campus.The winners and the runners-up teams will receive cash prizes along with other attractive gifts. Give your best shot so that you can win the grand event and win cash prizes of worth Rs 60,000 and also a funding opportunity from well-known VCs.

Round 1:

Registered teams need to submit a pitch explaining their business plan in the form of a power point presentation in not more than 8 slides.


Basic business model / plan along with the aspects :

Problem definition and opportunity

Existing players in the market

Product differentiation

Innovation & Implementation

Supply chain (if applicable)

Future growth strategy

Revenue streams (funding, return, spending, running cost etc.)

Submission Details

Teams must submit their Round 1 submission file to ecell@iimtrichy.ac.in by .

Naming convention of file should be ESUMMITIIMTRICHY'16_TeamName_CollegeName.

Details to be included in the cover slide:

1. Team name

2. Name of the school/institution

3. Names of all team members

4. E-mail addresses and telephone numbers of all team members

Your team's name should appear as a header in all slides. Details pertaining to points 2-4 should NOT appear in any other part of the submission (i.e. header, footer or part of the slide).

Round 2:

Final submission of B-plan (On-Campus):

Based on the submission from round 1, four shortlisted teams will be selected and they will be required to present their business idea in front of the esteemed jury at IIM Trichy. The jury will consist of Venture Capitalists, Rising Entrepreneurs & Keynote speakers. Teams will have to submit their presentations by 10th November 2016. The final presentation will take place on the 13th of November 2016 at IIM Trichy campus.

The format for final PPT would be (not in any particular order)

Business model

Primary/secondary research

Market Size

Customer perspective

Value proposition

Product/Service Detail

Revenue model & Pricing

Sourcing and supply chain


App strategy (if applicable)

Sales & Marketing model

Submission Details:

Teams must submit their Round 2 submission file by the mentioned deadline.

Top 4 teams will be called for final rounds that will be held in campus. Teams will have to submit the following:

1) 10-15 (15 being the maximum,excluding the title slide and appendix)slide power point presentation

2) 1 page executive summary on a word doc.

This shall be followed by Q&A by the panellists. Presentations should cover the below mentioned parameters:

Naming Convention for the file: ESUMMITIIMTRICHY'16_TeamName_CollegeName

Details to be included in the cover slide:

1. Team name

2. Name of the school/institution

3. Names of all team members

4. E-mail addresses and telephone numbers of all team members

Deadline: 10th November 2016, 6 P.M

Important Rules:

1. Open for all under graduate and graduate students.

2. All teams must register either on the registration page or in here

3. Each team must consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members.

4. A student cannot be a part of more than one team. In case of violation, both the teams will be disqualified.

5. A team can make only one submission.

6. The final decision would bemade by the E-Cell, IIM Trichy in case of any discrepancy.

Round 1 submission by 10 PM, 23rd October

Round 2 submissions by 6 PM, 10th November

On Campus evaluation 9 AM, 13th November

Name Email Id Contact No
Aroop Sanyal aroop.p15074@iimtrichy.ac.in 9820739691
Rahul Das rahuldas.p15030@iimtrichy.ac.in 9790482068
Akshay Yadav akshay.p16123@iimtrichy.ac.in 9600324176